About our Company

A.C.E Soil & Site Evaluations, LLC is owned an operated by Jim Thompson.  I have been in the septic system industry since 1985, employed first as a soil tester & septic system designer for Medin Consulting and later as an Inspector for the St. Croix County Zoning Department.
I went into business for myself as A.C.E. Soil & Site Evaluations, LLC in 1995 with the intent of providing a full service "one stop shopping" alternative for both homeowners and building contractors.  We are a full service septic system contractor.  Our Staff and crew bring years of experience to bear in residential and commercial septic system installation and repair.
 A.C.E Soil & Site Evaluations is fully licensed and insured.  We provide a full range of residential and commercial septic system services including:  Soil Evaluations (Per testing), Site Evaluations, Septic system design, installation, repair, remediation of failed systems and maintenance.  We work on all types of septic systems including  Conventional, Dosed Conventional, At-grade, Mound, Aeration Treatment Units and experimental systems.
We are proud of our professionalism, attention to detail and our imaginative approach to solving whatever unique issues a site presents rather than using a "one size fits all" mentality.
We work with only the best when Subcontractors are required on a project.  We've worked with our subcontractors for years, building professional relationships based on trust and performance.
License Credentials:
                                        ♠  Mater Plumber Restricted Sewer                               ♠  Soil & Site Evaluator
                                        ♠  POWTS Inspector                                                      ♠  POWTS Maintainer
                                        ♠  Small Scale Water System Operator                         ♠  Erosion Control Inspector