Septic System Maintenance

Ongoing and consistent maintenance of a septic system is not only environmentally sound, but it also makes good financial sense by resulting in a longer system life.  With careful use and proper maintenance, a septic system can realistically be expected to last for upwards of 20 years.  The average age of the failed systems that we replace is 13.5 years.  This is due in part because many septic system owners do not understand how a septic system operates and how to properly maintain one.
Wisconsin Administrative Code requires that the septic tank be pumped and emptied at a minimum of once every three years or when the total volume of solids that accumulate in the bottom of the tank exceed 1/3rd of the liquid volume of the tank.  This is intended to prevent heavier suspended solids, grease and oil from washing out into the dispersal cell and plugging the soil.  The dispersal cell fails when the soil becomes plugged to the point of not allowing effluent to drain away.  The wastes then either come up on the ground surface or backup into the house.  There are only two resolutions to this problem – either replacing the septic system or installing an aeration treatment unit – and both are expensive.
We work jointly with Licensed Septage Haulers to pump and maintain your septic system.  See our Contact Page for a listing of recommended contractors.